The Last of Us Mural

Client: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Year: 2015

The Last of Us, the award-winning game for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, follows the story of Joel and Ellie as as they trek across a post-pandemic United States, encountering different factions of survivors that have each found a unique way of dealing with infected humans, the lack of supplies, and the threat of other survivors.

Sony Computer Entertainment America contacted me to represent Joel and Ellie's journey in a mural for a conference room at their San Mateo headquarters. Knowing the somber tone of the game, I had to make sure that the mural highlighted recognizable characters, locations and elements without making the room itself a dismal place to work. The solution was to turn the video game into a board game, complete with character pieces, playing cards and rules. Bright colors and distinct palettes represents the seasons and chapters of their cross-country adventure, and keep your eye moving across the 9' by 40' mural.